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Uruguayan Rainbow Amethyst Free Form

Uruguayan Rainbow Amethyst Free Form

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Our Rainbow Amethyst Free Forms are a testament to the natural wonders of the Earth. These unique creations offer a feast for the senses and soul. Here's why they deserve a special place in your world:

Spectral Elegance: Each Rainbow Amethyst Free Form is a symphony of colours, with vibrant mineral inclusions that create a breathtaking display of the rainbow spectrum. The rich purples and deep blues of amethyst harmoniously blend with the playful hues of red, green, and gold, making each piece a visual masterpiece.

Elevated Spirituality: Amethyst is revered for its spiritual properties, promoting calm, clarity, and higher consciousness. The addition of rainbow inclusions infuses these free forms with an extra layer of energy, symbolizing hope, positivity, and a bridge to higher realms.

Positive Vibes: The presence of rainbows in these amethyst free forms is believed to enhance one's mood and well-being. They serve as reminders of the beauty that can emerge after a storm, and as such, they radiate optimism and joy.

Unique Decor: Beyond their metaphysical attributes, Rainbow Amethyst Free Forms are stunning pieces of art. Whether displayed on an altar, in your living room, or as the centerpiece of your workspace, they are conversation starters and exquisite decor items.

  • Size: 6.6x4.1x3.6" (hxwxthickness); 2218g
  • Origin: Uruguay 
  • Hardness: 7


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